I’ll bring the bubbly and makeup artist-you bring each other!


The Sisterhood Shoot Day is a full day experience for 3-4 women, it’s usually best if those women are friends because they become your own personal cheerleading squad as the day progresses.  The day starts with going through wardrobe to choose what we will be bringing with us, then hair and makeup, followed by a light lunch, and then we head out to our location to shoot! We will stick to one major location with varying landscape options; for instance, if we are in the mountains I will have found a place where there’s meadow access, river views, mountain/forest access and hopefully some old abandoned buildings. It’s a free flowing day with 2-3 wardrobe changes and 2 different hair/makeup looks. The shoots are curated in such a way that each woman will have a 1-1 shoot with me with her friends to cheer her on. Based on the inspiration that is coming through I will shoot 1 gal for a bit, then pull her out and bring another girl in, etc. etc. So although you are having a group experience your personal shoot will be 1-1 with me. It really just makes for a fun sisterhood bonding day for you and your best girlfriends.


The Benefits of This Experience:

You’ve got your best girlfriends cheering you on

It’s a huge confidence boost, and the way I work you know you’ll be getting the most amazing images possible

You’ve got me, making sure you look your best, at every angle and in every outfit

You will leave feeling more confident, joyful and vibrant than ever, and you’ll continue to carry that with you

You’ve finally made space for a day just to celebrate you & you get to help your girlfriends do the same!

What is Included:

One 20 min. pre-shoot coaching call

Wardrobe styling

Hair/makeup by a hired professional

Lunch & Bubbly

3-4 hours of shooting with me

An online group gallery with each woman’s images organized into her own folder

7 fully retouched images or 1 8×10 print.

The Investment:

$997 per person