Give me a “rawr” on the train tracks anyday

Amelie and I go way back…to the summer of 2008 when our men got deployed to Iraq with the USMC. I’d already met several other marine wives/girlfriends and one of them decided to have a party to get more of us together. I must admit that when I met Amelie at that party I may have been a little jealous…I mean she is drop dead gorgeous. It’s those damn French genes. She was quiet but fun, and I wanted to hang out more with her. We easily became very close friends and since then we’ve traveled together, had lots of laughs together, and I’ve had the opportunity to snap her on camera twice now.
I asked her a week before taking a trip back down to Lafayette to visit, if she’d be interested in a shoot. I’m so glad her answer was “yes”. Since she’d had a more traditional boudoir shoot with me before, I explained how different this one would be but that we’d have a lot of fun. Little did she know I’d have her literally rawring on the train tracks. We’d laugh, then rawr, then laugh some more. The whole day was a blast and her images came out stunning.

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