• I see your uncommon beauty, your power, your passion, and your love.

    I photograph those qualities so that you (and the world) can see them too.

  • about-melissaHi, I’m Melissa, it’s so good to have you here!

    My mission is to make every woman feel amazing and comfortable in front of the camera and to give you photos that you truly love.  It’s to capture you in a way that allows you to see your true beauty, not just without but also within.

    I thrive on helping women feel amazing in front of the camera. It’s what I was born to do and I get so excited about it that sometimes it feels like I’m going to burst out of my skin.

    I have the gift of unveiling the pure, radiant essence of each woman I work with, and delivering their presence to the world in their truest form is my greatest pleasure.

    When I get behind my camera, magic happens.

    Having had a life long struggle with a heart condition (see the work I do with CHD here) and with my weight, I can relate to every woman. I’ve been really skinny and I’ve been really heavy, and I know what it’s like, no matter what shape you are, to feel insecure in your skin.

    Through my own transformation into a healthy, fit body that I love, I’ve realized the importance of giving every woman the opportunity to feel f’ing amazing in her body.

    A few fun facts about myself: I love that I get to call the mountains of Colorado my home.  Everyday I walk outside in such awe and gratitude and it’s even more exciting to photograph beautiful women in this beautiful state; I just love all things beautiful.  I love hiking.  I’ve been throwing pottery since I was 14, it helps keep me sane. I plan vacations around scuba diving.  Santa Fe also feels like home. I’m a wife and mom to 3 furballs.


    Melissa Frederick Photography: Behind The Scenes from Melissa Frederick on Vimeo.