DSC_1947Q: Do you only shoot this style of work?

A: No, I also do branding photo-shoots with women entrepreneurs.  Those shoots are more collaborative, as I work 1-1 with my client on how to embody their brand and then help them translate that into their photos.  I love to shoot maternity as well. It’s where my work with women began and it lights me up.

Q: What kind of women do you work with?

A: I work with all kinds of women. The women who find me are typically whose who have done a lot of self growth, and are ready to take all that work and have it captured on film. I love photographing women while they are transitioning into motherhood. I help women make transitions smoother through the use of my camera and telling their story, whether it be the birth of a child, a spiritual awakening, or a shift in the physical body.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: As soon as you book your shoot I email you a long list of what to bring and how to prepare for your shoot.

Q: Where does the shoot take place?

A: It usually starts at your home, or if you have traveled to me, your hotel, often times even my house. Hair/Makeup goes first and sometimes I take a few indoor shots.  Then we head outdoors and go on an adventure to find amazing places, sometimes I have spots scouted, sometimes we just drive.

Q: If I’m doing a branding shoot with you what do I get, because I don’t need prints I just need the fully retouched images? And how do I get them?

A: Instead of the gallery wrap in the Expansive shoot, branding clients get 15 fully edited high-res images. In place of the 8×10 print in the Custom Full Day shoot, or 7 fully edited high-res images if you’ve chosen the Custom Half Day shoot.  Branding clients still have access to their photos via a private online gallery, and from there they choose their favorite 15 or 7 images.  Once these are chosen I go in and edit them and deliver them via DropBox.  If a branding client is looking for more fully edited images I have created special packages at a discounted rate that are only for those clients. They can be viewed here.

Q: How and when do I get my images?

A: Your images will be available to view about 10 days after your shoot in a private online gallery.  You get an 8×10 canvas gallery wrap or 8×10 fine art print depending on the package you purchase.  You will have access to all of your images via your online gallery and from there you favorite the image you want printed.  If you want to purchase more images or products you can see your options over on the products page.  In regards to the designer albums, there are different cover options that you will be able to choose from if you opt for an album.

Q: If I get a CD with all the proofs can I share/use/print them?

A: You can print from your CD but most clients choose to order prints of some sort as they are fully retouched and of the highest quality, which resonates with the shoot you just had.  You are more than welcome to share all fully retouched images on social media, crediting me as the photographer, but please don’t share any unedited images as they are not a representation of a finished product.

Q: Why are the Fully Retouched Image Packages only for Branding clients?

A: This is because branding clients don’t want prints, albums or canvas’.  Branding just requires the fully retouched images so they can be used on the clients website, social media, and for their marketing.

Q: How do I book a shoot?

A: Send me an email via the Contact page.  We will choose a date and location to begin the shoot and I will take the 25% retainer fee and a signed contract.